11.12.080  Mobilehome divisions of land.
   (a)   The city council may approve a tentative map of a division of land which does not comply in all respects with the requirements of Chapter 11.24 if the city council finds that the division of land is for mobilehome purposes only and the units of space proposed on the tentative map are for mobilehomes and related facilities only, and the development of a mobilehome park on the property included within the division of land is in conformance with the city Zoning Ordinance.
   (b)   On such tentative map and on the final map, there shall appear, in letters not less than one-fourth-inch in height, the words “Division of land for mobile home purposes only.”
   (c)   A person shall not use, lease, sell, mortgage, or place a deed of trust or other lien upon a unit or space within a mobilehome division of land for any purpose other than a mobilehome and related facilities.
   (d)   Except that the units in a division of land for mobilehome purposes need not comply with the provision of Section 11.24.140, this section does not modify in any way any requirements in any other ordinance or law as to area or width requirements.
   (e)   In a mobilehome division of land, the owners of the units of space which are occupied by mobilehomes and which may also be occupied by accessory uses will hold an undivided interest in the common areas which will in turn provide the necessary access and utility easements for the units. A note to this effect is required on the final map.
   (f)   Title to the units and common areas in a mobilehome division of land and control and maintenance of the common areas shall be similar to those for condominiums as contained in the Civil Code.
(Ord. 537 § 2 (part), 1985)