11.11.040  Design and property development regulations.
   In a planned development project, the following design and property development regulations shall apply:
   (a)   Dwelling Unit Density. A proposed planned development project shall not be developed with more than the maximum density permitted in the underlying zone of the property, exclusive of any publicly dedicated street or alley.
   (b)   Lot Area, Size and Coverage. Every lot upon which a dwelling unit is proposed to be developed shall contain not less than one thousand square feet of lot area, and shall not be less than twenty feet in width nor less than fifty feet in length, and not more than eighty percent of the lot area shall be covered by buildings and/or structures.
   (c)   Group and/or Cluster Dwellings. Contiguous lots and/or attached dwelling units which are grouped or clustered in any manner so as to form a single building may be permitted; provided, however, that such group shall not contain more than six dwelling units and/or lots, nor shall the horizontal dimensions of such building or dwelling structure be greater than one hundred seventy-five feet.
   (d)   Development Standards. The development standards with respect to setbacks, dwelling unit size, building heights, parking and other associated requirements of the underlying zone shall be complied with.
   (e)   Circulation. Private drives may be permitted. Said drives shall be a minimum width of twenty-six feet, and shall be posted to prohibit parking.
(Ord. 646 § 9, 1991: Ord. 537 § 2 (part), 1985)