11.11.030  Criteria for planned development project.
   Notwithstanding any other provision of this title to the contrary, no tentative tract map, which would have the effect of creating a planned development project, shall be approved, nor shall a final map be filed, unless the following requirements are met or guaranteed in a manner approved by the city council:
   (a)   A complete system of pedestrian walks in front of the lots, separate from the streets, completely serving all lots in the subdivision in such a direct manner, particularly in relation to schools servicing the subdivision, that there will be little inducement or necessity for pedestrians to walk in the streets;
   (b)   A system of short dead-end streets at the rear of the majority of lots, to discourage intrusion of through traffic which can be confined to the relatively few through streets from which these dead-end streets branch, and which bound the superblocks thus formed;
   (c)   A system of continuous park, of such size, shape and arrangement as to be useful in part for recreation, and adjacent to all lots or the walks immediately in front of such lots and not separated from the lots by any street for vehicular use;
   (d)   Effective restrictions binding on and for the benefit of the project as a whole and enforceable by the property owners as a whole, providing that the lots served only by such dead- end streets may be used for single-family residence only, and providing that all such houses will be so located that the garage is accessible directly from the street, and the principal entrance of the house is accessible directly from the walk, and that adequate space between buildings will be maintained;
   (e)   Where economically proper and feasible, business properties and multiple-dwelling properties located only upon the through streets bounding the superblocks and served by adequate automobile parking space either off the street or by special design of the street, and in case of business properties, such parking shall be easily accessible from all parts of the project by the system of walks above-mentioned;
   Provided, that in no case shall any lot proposed to be subdivided into a planned development project shall have a area of less than six thousand square feet; that every through street shall have a width of not less than sixty feet; that every such dead-end street shall be entered directly from a through street, shall have an adequate turning area at the dead end, and shall have a width of not less than thirty-four feet; that vision clearance and curb construction at block corners be maintained as provided for in Section 11.24.120; that in all cases of property fronting on such streets of reduced width or on walks, the distance between houses across such streets or walks shall be not less than fifty feet, and that where lots front upon such walks rather than upon streets, the side lines shall be, so far as practical, at a right angle to said walks instead of the streets;
   (f)   Copies of the required covenants, conditions and restrictions, articles of incorporation, and bylaws or other documents of the owner’s association or other identity which controls the common facilities shall be submitted to the city for approval;
   (g)   All open areas with the exception of vehicular access ways and parking areas, pedestrian walkways and paved or covered recreational facilities, shall be landscaped and irrigated with a fully automatic system. Such landscaping and irrigation shall be permanently maintained.
(Ord. 537 § 2 (part), 1985)