11.10.040  Development plan approval.
   Prior to the recordation of a final tract or parcel map creating a condominium or community apartment project or stock cooperative as to an existing structure or structures, the subdivider shall submit to the city’s development review board, for approval, development plans containing the following information:
   (1)   Location, height, the gross floor area and proposed uses of each existing structure to remain and for each proposed structure;
   (2)   Location, use and type of surfacing of all open storage areas;
   (3)   Location and type of surfacing of all driveways, pedestrian ways, vehicle parking areas and curb cuts;
   (4)   Location, height and type of material for walls or fences;
   (5)   Location of all landscaped areas, type of landscaping and a statement specifying the method by which the landscaping areas shall be maintained;
   (6)   Location of all recreational facilities and a statement specifying the method of maintenance thereof;
   (7)   Location of parking facilities to be used in conjunction with each condominium, community apartment, or stock cooperative unit.
   (8)   Architectural elevations of all structures, showing types and materials of construction, including details of method used to provide sound insulation in all common walls.
(Ord. 537 § 2 (part), 1985)