11.10.030  Criteria for conversion to a condominium project or new residential condominium project.
   Notwithstanding any other provision of this code to the contrary, no tentative tract or parcel map, which would have the effect of creating a condominium or a community apartment project or stock cooperative, shall be approved, nor shall a final map be recorded, unless the following requirements are met or guaranteed in a manner approved by the city council:
   (1)   All existing buildings and structures shall be made to comply with all applicable building regulations of the city in effect at the time of filing the tentative map.
   (2)   Not less than two off-street parking spaces shall be provided for each dwelling unit. In addition, one guest parking space shall be provided for every four dwelling units or fraction thereof. Said off-street parking facilities shall be constructed in accordance with the provisions of Section 10.65.090 of this code.
   (3)   Each dwelling unit shall contain a minimum of one thousand square feet of enclosed floor area, exclusive of a garage or carport.
   (4)   The subdivider shall submit a report to the city setting forth all repairs and replacements necessary to immediately place the buildings in substantial compliance with current building and safety codes and the probable cost of such work. Said report shall include a report prepared by a licensed mechanical engineer verifying the condition of the mechanical elements in the project, including but not limited to furnaces, air conditioners, pumps, water heaters and plumbing fixtures.
   (5)   Copies of the required covenants, conditions and restrictions, articles of incorporation and bylaws, or other documents of the owner’s association or other identity which controls the common facilities shall be submitted to the city for approval.
   (6)   All open areas with the exception of vehicular access ways and parking areas, pedestrian walkways and paved or covered recreational facilities, shall be landscaped and irrigated with a fully automatic system. Such landscaping and irrigation shall be permanently maintained.
   (7)   Utility systems shall exist or shall be constructed to adequately provide for individual metered utility services to all condominium, community apartment, or stock cooperative units.
(Ord. 537 § 2 (part), 1985)