8.40.020  Definitions.
   Whenever in this chapter the words or phrases hereinafter in this section defined are used, they shall have the respective meanings assigned to them in the following definitions:
   (a)   “Commission” means the Public Utilities Commission of the state of California.
   (b)   “Underground utility district” or “district” means that area in the city within which poles, overhead wires, and associated overhead structures are prohibited as such area is described in a resolution adopted pursuant to the provisions of Section 8.40.040.
   (c)   “Person” means and includes individuals, firms, corporations, partnerships, and their agents and employees.
   (d)   “Poles, overhead wires and associated overhead structures” means poles, towers, supports, wires, conductors, guys, stubs, platforms, crossarms, braces, transformers, insulators, cutouts, switches, communication circuits, appliances, attachments and appurtenances located above-ground within a district and used or useful in supplying electric, communication or similar or associated service.
   (e)   “Utility” includes all persons or entities supplying electric, communication or similar or associated service by means of electrical materials or devices.
(Ord. 303 § 1 (part); November 26, 1968)