Chapter 6.66
6.66.010   Title.
6.66.020   Definitions.
6.66.030   Authority to contract with outside agencies.
6.66.040   Authority to conduct administrative review process—Hearing officer—Procedures.
6.66.050   Process by which parking citations must be issued.
6.66.060   Parking penalties.
6.66.070   Parking penalties received by date fixed—No contest—Request to contest.
6.66.080   Parking penalties not received by date fixed.
6.66.090   Notice of delinquent parking violation—Contents.
6.66.100   Copy of citation upon request by registered owner.
6.66.110   Affidavit of nonliability—Leased or rented vehicle.
6.66.120   Affidavit of nonliability—Sale.
6.66.130   Contesting parking citation—Procedure.
6.66.140   Collection of unpaid parking penalties.
6.66.150   Obligation of processing agency once parking penalty paid.
6.66.160   Deposit of parking penalties with the city.
6.66.170   Filing of annual reports.