Chapter 6.40
6.40.010   Application of regulations.
6.40.020   Standing in parkways prohibited.
6.40.030   Parking on private property restricted.
6.40.040   Use of streets for storage of vehicles prohibited.
6.40.045   Parking of large construction equipment and commercial vehicles prohibited.
6.40.050   Parking for certain purposes prohibited.
6.40.055   Parking of trailers or semitrailers restricted.
6.40.060   Parking of commercial vehicles with dangerous cargoes restricted.
6.40.070   Parking parallel with curb.
6.40.080   Angle parking—Signs or markings required.
6.40.090   Parking adjacent to schools.
6.40.100   Parking on narrow streets.
6.40.110   Parking on hills.
6.40.120   Places where stopping or parking prohibited.
6.40.130   Parking by peddlers.
6.40.160   Peddling and vending from non-motorized vehicles prohibited.
6.40.170   Temporary restrictions authorized.
6.40.180   Two hour parking.
6.40.190   One hour parking.
6.40.200   Restricted parking between four-thirty p.m. and six p.m.
6.40.210   Parking prohibited at all times.
6.40.225   All night parking prohibited in public parking lots.
6.40.230   Parking space markings.
6.40.241   Parking—Disabled persons—Blue curb markings.
6.40.242   Parking—Spaces designated for disabled persons—Prohibited.
6.40.250   Angle parking on certain streets.
6.40.260   Assigned parking spaces.
6.40.270   Removal of vehicles.