5.38.060  Operating requirements.
   (a)   Manager Required. All establishments permitted or required to be licensed under this chapter shall have a responsible person on the premises to act as manager at all times during which the modeling studio is open and to ensure compliance with these provisions. The manager must be familiar with the requirements of this chapter and be capable of communicating the provisions of this chapter to employees and patrons of the establishment. Such manager, if not the permittee, shall first procure a permit pursuant to Chapter 5.34 of this title and shall not be employed as or act as such manager until he or she has this permit. The permittee cannot act as manager if the permittee is not a human individual.
   (b)   Sign Restrictions. The permittee shall not maintain, or permit the maintenance upon or adjacent to the outside of the modeling studio, any sign which in whole or in part depicts or describes “specified sexual activities” or “specified anatomical areas,” as those terms are defined in Section 5.12.020 of this title.
   (c)   Hours of Operation. The permittee shall not conduct or operate a modeling studio between the hours of ten p.m. and ten a.m. of the following day.
   (d)   Regulations to be Posted. The permittee shall post and continuously keep posted a copy of this chapter in a conspicuous place inside the premises.
   (e)   Premises—Visibility. The permittee shall not permit conditions to exist wherein the interior of the modeling studio shall be visible from the outside of the premises.
   (f)   Premises—Inspection. The permittee shall be responsible for and shall provide that any room or area used for the purpose of figure modeling shall be readily accessible at all times and shall be open to view in its entirety for inspection by the city or any peace officer.
   (g)   Lighting. The permittee shall maintain a minimum of twenty footcandles of illumination generally distributed in all parts of the premises at all times when the modeling studio is open for business.
   (h)   Recordkeeping Requirements. The permittee shall maintain a current file of all figure models employed by the operator or using the premises. This file shall contain true name and aliases used by the figure model, age, birth date, height, weight, color of hair and eyes, home address, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, a current copy of a valid California driver’s license or Department of Motor Vehicles identification card, and the date of employment and termination. Inactive file cards shall be maintained on the premises for a period of one year following termination. The permittee shall make all records available immediately upon demand of the city or the L.A. County sheriff’s department.
   (i)   Entertainment by Models Prohibited. A permit issued pursuant to this chapter does not permit any entertainment as defined in Section 5.24.030 of this title or any public dance, private dance, special dance, or teenage dance as those terms are defined in Section 5.22.020 of this title.
   (j)   Persons Using Alcohol or Drugs Prohibited. No person shall enter, be or remain in any part of a modeling studio or premises licensed as such while in the possession of, consuming, using or under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or drugs. The permittee, manager and every supervisory employee shall not permit any such person to enter or remain upon the licensed premises.
(Ord. 788 § 15 (part), 1999)