5.38.040  Additional information required for application.
   (a)   In addition to the information required in Section 5.08.030(a) of this title, an applicant for a permit to operate a modeling studio license shall furnish the following information:
      (1)   The address of the modeling studio and the location in the modeling studio where any figure models will be observed, viewed, sketched, painted, drawn, sculptured, photographed or otherwise similarly depicted;
      (2)   The names and addresses of the persons who have authority or control over the modeling studio and a brief statement of the nature and extent of such authority or control;
      (3)   The names and addresses of each of the owners of the modeling studio if the applicant is leasing the studio;
      (4)   A detailed statement of the type of business which will be conducted at the modeling studio;
      (5)   The hours of operation;
      (6)   The name and age of the applicant;
      (6)   The name and age of the manager;
      (7)   Whether, during the last five years, the applicant was convicted of or pleaded nolo contendere or guilty to a misdemeanor or felony crime involving criminal misstatement or sexual misconduct including, but not limited to, all offenses listed in Penal Code Section 290, Penal Code Sections 311.2 through 311.7, Penal Code Sections 314 through 318, and subsections (a) , (b) , (c) , (d) or (h) of Section 647 of the Penal Code, or any offenses involving pimping, pandering, prostitution or lewd conduct; and
      (8)   Whether the applicant has been registered in any state as a prostitute.
   (b)   The applicant or permit holder of a permit to operate a modeling studio shall give written notification of any change of information required in the application to the director within five business days after such change.
   (c)   The applicant shall furnish with his or her application for a permit to operate a modeling studio proof of the applicant’s date of birth and the date of birth of the manager.
(Ord. 788 § 15 (part), 1999)