Chapter 5.04
5.04.010   Chapter enacted as revenue measure.
5.04.020   Construction of definitions.
5.04.030   Person defined.
5.04.040   Business defined.
5.04.050   Constitutionally protected expressive activities defined.
5.04.060   Street defined.
5.04.070   Wheeled vehicles defined.
5.04.080   Employees defined.
5.04.090   Fortunetelling business—Defined.
5.04.095   (Deleted by Ord. 826, 3/23/04)
5.04.100   Business license officer defined.
5.04.110   License processing fee.
5.04.120   Effect of license issuance, tax payment on other code provisions.
5.04.130   Chapter without retroactive effect.
5.04.140   Licenses required — Generally.
5.04.150   License periods and dates payable.
5.04.160   Home occupations.
5.04.170   Requirements for two or more businesses.
5.04.180   Exemptions from license tax.
5.04.190   Franchise utilities, city contractors—Exempt from chapter.
5.04.200   Application for business license.
5.04.210   Business license issuance.
5.04.220   Business license renewal.
5.04.230   Business license revocation or suspension.
5.04.240   Transferability of business license.
5.04.250   Issuance of duplicate business license.
5.04.260   Posting of license required.
5.04.270   Inspections.
5.04.290   Refunds unavailable.
5.04.300   Appeals.
5.04.310   Sworn statements.
5.04.320   Same—Computation of number of employees.
5.04.330   Refusal to make required statements.
5.04.340   Business license officer—Duties and powers.
5.04.350   License tax a debt—Court action.
5.04.360   Criminal and civil action authorized for failure to pay license tax.
5.04.370   Violations—Penalties.
5.04.380   Judicial review.
5.04.390   License fees—Generally.
5.04.400   Two or more businesses—License and tax requirements.
5.04.430   Retail, wholesale and miscellaneous business license tax.
5.04.440   Manufacturing and processing license tax.
5.04.450   Businesses, professions and occupations enumerated—License tax.
5.04.460   Outdoor advertising license tax.
5.04.470   Sound trucks and advertising vehicles license tax.
5.04.480   Wholesalers and agents—Vehicle license tax.
5.04.490   Retail sellers—Vehicle license tax.
5.04.500   Amusement and game license taxes.
5.04.510   Amusement, circus, vaudeville, miscellaneous license taxes.
5.04.520   Auctioneer, auction house and yard license taxes.
5.04.530   Automobile wrecking license tax.
5.04.540   Automobile, truck and trailer renting license tax.
5.04.550   Bail bond broker license tax.
5.04.560   Baths license tax.
5.04.570   Barber shop or beauty parlor license tax.
5.04.580   Boot black license tax.
5.04.585   Fortunetelling business.
5.04.590   Junk dealer vehicle license tax.
5.04.600   Hospital, rest home and sanitarium license tax.
5.04.610   Linen and towel supply vehicle license tax.
5.04.620   Pawnbroker license tax.
5.04.630   Peddler, photographer, solicitor license taxes.
5.04.640   Vending machine license taxes.
5.04.650   Multiple residential units license tax.
5.04.660   Trailer camp license tax.
5.04.670   Taxicab license taxes.
5.04.680   Contractor and subcontractor license taxes.
5.04.690   Bankrupt and miscellaneous sales license tax.
5.04.700   Laundry and dry cleaning vehicle license tax.
5.04.710   Electric sign installation license tax.
5.04.720   Subdivider business license fee.
5.04.730   Refuse collection license fee.
5.04.740   Private investigator, private patrol operator, armored contract carrier, or protection dog operator.
*See also other license provisions in the following chapters of this title.