Chapter 3.68
3.68.010   Authority to adopt rules and regulations.
3.68.020   Hours of operation.
3.68.021   Emergency closure of parks.
3.68.022   Expulsion from parks.
3.68.025   Use of tobacco—Prohibited.
3.68.026   Possession of alcohol—Prohibited.
3.68.030   Drug free zones.
3.68.031   Possession, sale or use of unprescribed drugs in parks or public facilities—Prohibited.
3.68.040   Possession of firearms in parks or public facilities—Prohibited.
3.68.045   Possession and discharge of fireworks—Prohibited
3.68.050   Storage of vehicles at city parks or public facilities—Prohibited.
3.68.051   Commercial and other related activities.
3.68.055   Posting of park regulations and rules.
3.68.060   Violations.