3.28.270  Issuance of manager’s license.
   The city manager will issue a bingo manager’s license if:
   (a)   The applicant is of good moral character and does not have a bad reputation for truth, honesty or integrity;
   (b)   All of the statements made in such application are and each of them is true and not deceptive or misleading;
   (c)   The applicant has not violated any of the provisions of this chapter and has not engaged in any fraudulent transaction of enterprise; and
   (d)   The applicant intends to conduct his or her business fairly and honestly.
   If the applicant fails to meet the foregoing conditions, the city manager will deny the application, refuse to issue a license, and notify the applicant of the decision. The applicant for the bingo manager’s license has the right to appeal the decision of the city manager to the city council in accordance with the provisions in Section 3.28.160 of this chapter.
(Ord. 790 § 16 (part), 1999)