3.28.210  Bingo manager license.
   To obtain a bingo manager license, an applicant must file with the director a written application together with the required fee. The application must set forth, in addition to such information as may be required by the director, the following:
   (a)   A statement that neither the bingo manager, nor the members of the nonprofit organization which operate any bingo game organized by such organization, will receive any profit, wage, or salary or any other direct or indirect consideration from any bingo game(s) or funds derived from bingo activities;
   (b)   A statement that the bingo manager applicant read and understands all requirements of the law in regard to conducting bingo games in the city, and that such bingo manager will accept full responsibility for the conduct of such bingo games and all bingo card/ticket salespeople under his or her direction.
(Ord. 790 § 16 (part), 1999)