3.28.050  Definition of “bingo.”
   “Bingo” means a game of chance in which prizes are awarded on the basis of designated numbers or symbols on a card that conform to numbers or symbols selected at random. Notwithstanding California Penal Code Section 330c, as used in this section, the game of bingo includes cards having numbers or symbols that are concealed and pre-printed in a manner providing for distribution of prizes. The winning cards shall not be known prior to the game by any person participating in the playing or operation of the bingo game. All pre-printed cards shall bear the legend, “for sale or use only in a bingo game authorized under California law and pursuant to local ordinance.” “Bingo,” as defined in this section, applies exclusively to this chapter and shall not be applied in the construction or enforcement of any other provision of law.
(Ord. 790 § 16 (part), 1999)