(A)   A site plan prepared by a state registered land surveyor is required, showing:
      (1)   Existing ground elevations at lot corners and lot lines at 50 foot intervals or one foot contour intervals if the general slope of the parcel is less than 2%; existing elevation along existing watercourses within subject parcel and within 400 feet of property lines, unless deemed unnecessary by the Highway Engineer and County Surveyor;
      (2)   Location of existing driveway accesses within 200 feet of property lines;
      (3)   Location and elevation of existing sanitary and storm structures and sewers within the subject parcel;
      (4)   Finished grade elevations at property corners, property lines at 50 foot intervals, finished floor of building, ground at building corners; all sanitary and storm structures and sewers, and at 50 feet grid on subject parcel;
      (5)   Proposed horizontal location of building with respect to property lines;
      (6)   Proposed location of driveway and culverts;
      (7)   Dedication of proposed Master Plan right-of-way for roads;
      (8)   Locations of all proposed improve- ments; and
      (9)   (a)   Drainage computations prepared by the Surveyor showing increase in stormwater run-off, size of detention or retention pond and pond outlet.
         (b)   The rate of run-off discharge after construction shall not be greater than the pre-construction discharge.  A pond shall be provided to handle the increase.  The pond shall be designed for a 100-year storm.
   (B)   It is suggested that the applicant request a meeting with the County Surveyor and the Plan Commission Executive Secretary before formal application is made, in the interest of not delaying final approval of the permit application.
(`88 Code, § 8-97)  (Ord. 98-20, passed 11-10-98)