§ 153.044  PRIMARY PLAT.
   The subdivider shall provide a primary plat showing the following:
   (A)   Proposed name of the subdivision and its location;
   (B)   Names and addresses of the owner, subdivider, and the surveyor who prepared the plan;
   (C)   Layouts of lots, showing dimensions and numbers;
   (D)   Parcels of land proposed to be dedicated or reserved for schools, parks, playgrounds, or other public, semi-public, or community purposes;
   (E)   Contours at vertical intervals of two feet if the general slope of the site is less than 10%, and at vertical intervals of five feet if the general slope is greater than 10%;
   (F)   Tract boundary lines showing dimensions, bearing, angles, and references to section, township, and range lines or corners;
   (G)   Building setback or front yard lines;
   (H)   Legend and notes;
   (I)   Other features or conditions which would affect the subdivision favorably or adversely;
   (J)   Scale, north point, and date.  The primary plat of the subdivision shall be drawn to a scale of 50 feet to one inch; provided, however, that if the resulting drawing would be over 36 inches in the shortest dimension, a scale as recommended by the Commission may be used;
   (K)   A description of the protective covenants or private restrictions to be incorporated in the plat of the subdivision; and
   (L)   Statement that all disturbed areas, including but not limited to road shoulders, retention ponds, and retention dikes, shall be stabilized.
(`88 Code, § 8-90)  (Ord. 98-20, passed 11-10-98)