To:   ___________________________________________________________
You are hereby notified that the LaPorte County Building Commissioner has determined that an unsafe building exists on the real estate located at ___________________________________________________.  Commonly known as_____________________________.  Said building is described as follows: _____________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________.
You are hereby ordered, pursuant to I.C. 36-7-9-5 and to the LaPorte County Unsafe Building Ordinance, Sections ______________________________________________________________________________, to:
____Vacate the unsafe building
____Seal the unsafe building
____Exterminate vermin in and about the unsafe building
____Repair the unsafe building to bring it in compliance with LaPorte County Ordinance
____Specifically, you must do the following:
____Remove a part of the unsafe building as follows:
You must complete the action ordered within ______ days of your receipt of this order.
Rights to Hearing
____This order shall be deemed to be a final order within fifteen (15) days of the day of notice unless you or any other person holding a legal interest in the real estate request a hearing.  Said request must be in writing and delivered to the LaPorte County Building Commissioner on the 5th floor of the LaPorte County Complex, LaPorte, Indiana within the fifteen (15) days as provided above.
____Hearing shall be before the LaPorte County Board of Zoning Appeals on the _______day of _____________, 20______, at _________ a.m./p.m., in the Assembly Room of the LaPorte County Complex.  You are entitled to appear at the hearing with or without legal council, present evidence, cross-examine opposing witnesses, and present arguments.  Failure to appear at said hearing shall result in this order being made a final order.
Remarks: __________________________________________________________________________________
Failure to Comply
Should you fail to comply with this order after it becomes final, the County of LaPorte may take such steps as are necessary to complete the action order.  You shall be responsible for all costs of said action.  The county may also file a lawsuit against you asking that the court order you to comply with this order and civil forfeiture not to exceed two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) per day per violation.
Recording of Order
The county may record this order in the Office of the LaPorte County Recorder.  Any person taking an interest in the unsafe building shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this order.
Date: ______________________________
   LaPorte County Building Commissioner
   5th Floor, LaPorte County Complex
   LaPorte, Indiana 46350
   Telephone:  219-326-6808
(`88 Code, § 8-205)  (Ord. 98-20, passed 11-10-98)