(A)   Any person engaging in any activity for which certification is required pursuant to I.C. 13-23-3 et seq., as it may be amended, shall obtain a local permit for that activity from the county Emergency Planning Coordinator.  Application for the permit shall be made at least 20 days prior to the closure, installation, testing, retrofitting, or removal of any underground storage tank.  The county Emergency Planning Coordinator shall prepare a written application form for the issuance of the local permit.  A permit fee in the amount of $100 per site shall be tendered with each application for a local permit.
   (B)   Prior to the issuance of a local permit under this subchapter, the applicant shall show proof of notification as required by 40 CFR 280 and 281 as well as proof of the issuance of a letter to proceed by the state Department of Environmental Management.
   (C)   The closure, installation, testing, retrofitting or removal of any underground storage tank in the county shall be done only by a person holding a vital certification for that activity pursuant to I.C. 13-23-3 et seq., as it may be amended from time to time.
(`88 Code, § 6-116)  (Ord. 91-4, passed 3-11-91; Am. Ord. 2001-2, passed 1-30-01)