(A)   Installation required.  All homeowners, building owners, and persons having the charge or care of homes or other buildings in the county shall install numbers designating the house number or building number of those houses or buildings on the particular street on which the houses or buildings are located.
   (B)   Determination of proper number.  If a homeowner or building owner is uncertain as to the proper number of his or her building, he or she shall apply to the office of the Building Commissioner to obtain a house number or building number.
   (C)   Location and size.  House numbers shall be affixed to the portion of the house facing the street on which the house or building is located, or on the mailbox or post near the driveway entrance by the front of the residence.  The numbers shall be affixed in a fashion to be readily visible to motorists or pedestrians on the roadway.  The numbers shall be a minimum size of three inches in height. 
   (D)   Condition of occupancy permit.  No permits for occupancy shall be issued until house numbers are affixed to the building pursuant to this chapter.
(` 88 Code, § 8-500)  (Ord. 2001-03, passed 2-13-01)