The building rules of the state Department of Fire and Building Services, as set out in the following articles of Title 675 of the Indiana Administrative Code, as well as later amendments, supplements, or additions to those articles as the same are published in the Indiana Register or the Indiana Administrative Code, are hereby incorporated by reference in this code as rules and regulations governing the construction, alteration, use, and occupancy of buildings and structures within the county:
   (A)   675 I.A.C. 12-1.1-1 et seq., General Administrative Rules;
   (B)   675 I.A.C. 13-1 et seq., Building Codes:
      (1)   Fire and Building Safety Standards; and
      (2)   State Building Code.
   (C)   675 I.A.C. 14-4.2-1 et seq., One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code;
   (D)   675 I.A.C. 15-1 et seq., Industrialized Building System:
      (1)   Special Administrative Rules; and
      (2)   State Mobile Structures Code.
   (E)   675 I.A.C. 16-1.3-1 et seq., Plumbing Code:
      (1)   State Plumbing Code; and
      (2)   Sanitary Engineer Standards.
   (F)   675 I.A.C. 17-1.5-1 et seq., Electrical Code;
   (G)   675 I.A.C. 18-1.3-1 et seq., Mechanical Code;
   (H)   675 I.A.C. 19-3-1, Energy Conservation Code;
   (I)   675 I.A.C. 20-3-1 et seq., Swimming Pool Code; and
   (J)   675 I.A.C. 22-1-1 et seq., Indiana Flammable and Combustible Liquids and Gases Code.
(`88 Code, § 8-194)  (Ord. 2001-03, passed 2-13-01)