(A)   The order of business at a regular meeting shall be:
      (1)   Call to order;
      (2)   Roll call and determination of quorum;
      (3)   Consideration of minutes of previous meeting;
      (4)   Old business (tabled or continued items);
      (5)   New business;
      (6)   Report of officers and committees; and
      (7)   Adjournment.
   (B)   The order of business for special meetings shall be:
      (1)   Call to order;
      (2)   Roll call and determination of quorum;
      (3)   The business for which the special meeting was called; and
      (4)   Adjournment.
   (C)   The Board of Zoning Appeals shall act on a petition in the following order.
      (1)   The Chairperson shall summarize the application and describe the location of affected area.
      (2)   The applicant shall first present the facts supporting his or her petition, to include any witnesses on his or her behalf.
      (3)   Any individual who wishes to remonstrate or oppose the petition or application may speak individually or speak through a designated spokesperson.  All witnesses or speakers shall address the BZA, and speak only after being recognized by the Chairperson.  The BZA may control limited debate on any petition or application as it deems necessary and appropriate.
      (4)   BZA members may direct questions to any petitioner, proponent, or opponent following any presentation.
      (5)   The Secretary or zoning director may provide any other information the BZA deems pertinent regarding the application or petition.
      (6)   Upon conclusion of questioning and discussion, the Chairperson shall entertain a motion to conclude the public hearing of the petition or application and conclude the debate thereon pending any motion to be determined by the BZA at that time.
      (7)   All individuals speaking before the BZA, whether as a proponent or opponent of any petition, shall state their name and address prior to speaking.
      (8)   The BZA may render a decision regarding the petition or may continue a petition that has not been dismissed or withdrawn to another meeting without public notice.  Continuances are made at the time of the public hearing, and the new date, time, and place of the new rescheduled meetings are made and recorded in the minutes, which shall constitute public notice unless the BZA deems additional notice is necessary.
(`88 Code, § 8-182)  (Ord. 98-20, passed 11-10-98)