(A)   The Plan Commission shall hold those public hearings as are required by state statute and county ordinances.  The Commission may hold additional hearings at times and places and upon that notice as it considers necessary.
   (B)   A petitioner who seeks to vacate a plat, amend the zoning map, develop a subdivision, or other matter under the jurisdiction of the Commission, shall file a petition with the Commission.
   (C)   The Commission shall adopt appropriate rules and procedures for the filing and hearing of any petitions or matters for which the Commission has jurisdiction.  All petitions or plats shall be filed with the Commission at least 15 days prior to its next regular scheduled meeting.
   (D)   The Commission may require additional information, data, statistics, or plats beyond those established by statute or ordinance which are deemed necessary for intelligent determination by the Commission.
   (E)   The petitioner shall prepare the legal advertisement of the public hearing for the approval of the Commission and shall bear the expense of the advertising costs.  In addition, the petitioner will notify all persons deemed by state statute and the Commission to be interested parties at least ten days before the date of the public hearing.  At the public hearing, the petitioner shall provide proof that he or she has complied with this requirement.
(`88 Code, § 8-167)  (Ord. 98-20, passed 11-10-98)