(A)   Any animal whether licensed or unlicensed, may be captured and impounded by any law enforcement officer or animal control officer if such animal:
      (1)   Is found running at large within the county;
      (2)   Is a menace to persons or other animals;
      (3)   Is a public nuisance as defined by this chapter;
      (4)   Is suffering or reasonably suspected to be suffering from an infectious or contagious disease;
      (5)   Causes serious annoyance or disturbance to persons in the neighborhood of continuous habitual actions that don't appear to be corrected by the owner of such an animal once advised of such annoyance;
      (6)   It appears to be vicious or is permitted to go unconfined and unrestrained;
      (7)   Is found to be abandoned, neglected or tortured;
      (8)   Is a dog not wearing a collar or license tag as required by law;
      (9)   Is a dog or cat over the age of three months and is not properly vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian on an annual basis;
      (10)   There is a breach of spay/neuter agreement after being adopted from the LaPorte County Small Animal Shelter;
      (11)   Failure of animal owner to obtain rabies vaccination after reclaim of animal from shelter; and
      (12)   As otherwise provided for and required by this chapter.
   (B)   Any person owning or having in his or her possession or under his or her control any animal constituting a public nuisance may be summoned before a court of competent jurisdiction to show cause as to why such animal should not be confined, disposed of or removed, or the nuisance otherwise abated and, upon a finding that the animal constitutes a public nuisance, the court shall order the animal in question, either to be confined, to be disposed of or to be removed, or such other relief shall be granted as the court shall order.
   (C)   If the LaPorte County Animal Shelter or its duly authorized agent has reason to believe that any animal has, without provocation, attacked or bitten any person or animal, the animal may be taken into custody and impounded by the LaPorte County Animal Shelter pending determination by the court pursuant to this section.
   (D)   Any person who owns any dog, cat or other animal that has been adjudged a public nuisance pursuant to this chapter by the court shall be responsible for the fees connected with the impounding of the animal by the LaPorte County Animal Shelter.
(Ord. 2019-8, passed 3-20-19)