(A)   No person shall start a fire in the park, except that small fires for culinary purposes in park grills, or privately owned grills, or fires in a place designated shall be permitted provided materials used were not taken from the park and approval has been given by the Superintendent.  The Superintendent may, at his or her discretion, prohibit fires for limited periods at any location or for any purpose necessary for the protection of park property. 
   (B)   Any fire shall be continuously attended under the care and discretion of a competent person.  All fires shall be extinguished by the person starting or using the same before leaving the immediate vicinity of the fire. 
   (C)   No fires shall be built within ten feet of any tree or building, or beneath the branches of any trees or in any underbrush.  No portable stoves or grills shall be permitted in shelters or on combustible picnic tables.  No person shall throw away or discard any lighted match, cigar, or cigarette within the park property.
(`88 Code, § 4-30)  (Ord. 90-15, passed 12-3-90)  Penalty, see § 10.99