(A)   No person shall offer for exchange or sale any article of merchandise, do any hauling, peddling, or solicitation, buy or offer to buy any articles of merchandise, or take up any collection or solicit or receive contributions of money or articles of value, except when authorized by permit or under contract with the Parks Board.
   (B)   (1)   No person shall display, distribute, post, or fix any placard, sign, handbill, pamphlet, circular, or any other writing, printed material, or object containing advertising material or announce- ments of any kind, without written permission of the Superintendent.
      (2)   However, those groups holding a valid picnic, camping, or special event permit may display signs to identify their location or direct others to it, providing these signs are temporary and are removed by the permittee at the termination of the activity, and providing the signs are not attached to any tree or shrub or to any post, building, sign, gate, or other structure.
   (C)   A permit or reservation shall first be obtained from the Superintendent prior to the entrance into the park or the use of any park property or facility whenever required by this policy or by any rule or regulation promulgated by the Board.  In addition, the fee, if any, should be paid at the time that the permit or reservation is applied for.  All permits and reservations shall be applied for in advance at the Parks and Recreation Office.  The Superintendent may, at his or her discretion, refuse same.
   (D)   A reservation shall first be obtained from the Superintendent for a picnic involving 25 or more persons and for all events when a facility is asked to be set aside for exclusive use at a specified time by a group for picnicking purposes.  Any group that desires, in conjunction with a picnic, controlled activities such as, but not limited to, a hog roast, sound amplification, special vehicle access, and the like, must indicate these activities at the time of application.  A reservation fee will be assessed and must be paid prior to the reserved time.
   (E)   No person shall camp within any park except in camping areas which, from time to time, may be designated by the Board, or upon written approval of the Superintendent.
   (F)   Fees and charges for the use of various facilities operated by the Department on property of the Department shall be established by the Board, and may be changed from time to time.
   (G)   No person, except those with valid reason or those having special permission of the Superintendent, shall use any pay facility of the Parks Department without first paying the fee for same as may be established by the Board from time to time.
(`88 Code, § 4-26)  (Ord. 90-15, passed 12-3-90)  Penalty, see § 10.99