(A)   At least once each month the Health Officer shall inspect each refuse disposal site located within the county. 
      (1)   In case the Health Officer discovers a violation of any item of sanitation pertinent to the provisions of this subchapter, he or she shall make a second inspection after the lapse of enough time as he or she deems necessary for the defect to be remedied, and the second inspection shall be used in determining compliance with the terms of this subchapter. 
      (2)   Any violation of the same item of the subchapter on the second inspection shall call for suspension or revocation of permit.
   (B)   One copy of the Health Officer’s inspection report, on which violations of any item of sanitation pertinent to the provisions of this subchapter shall be inscribed, shall be delivered to the permittee by the Health Officer.  Another copy of the aforementioned inspection report shall be filed by the Health Officer with the records of the county Health Department. 
   (C)   The person operating the public health disposal site shall, upon request of the Health Officer, permit access to all parts of the grounds by the Health Officer and shall permit him or her to copy any and all records pertaining to the sources of refuse transported thereto for public disposal.
(`88 Code, § 6-27)  (Ord. 104, passed 4-23-73)