(A)   (1)   Each application for a permit for locating utility lines along a county right-of-way shall be accompanied by a check in the amount of $40 payable to the County Treasurer.  This $40 is to cover the costs of the permit and costs of inspecting the first quarter mile of line. 
      (2)   For each quarter mile of line beyond the first quarter mile, an additional $25 must accompany the application.
   (B)   Each application for a change order must be accompanied by an additional $40 inspection fee.
   (C)   Further pipe lines which do not generally follow a county road right-of-way, but which cross a county right-of-way, must be inspected at the point of crossing the right-of-way, and a $40 fee will be charged for each right-of-way which is crossed. 
(`88 Code, § 3-54)  (Ord. 98-6, passed 4-21-98; Am. Ord. 98-9, passed 6-16-98)