(A)   The Health Officer or his or her duly authorized agent, bearing proper credentials and identification, shall be permitted and properly equipped with codes and/or keys to enter upon all properties at proper times for the purpose of inspection, and/or monitoring necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter, including but not limited to chemical rooms, pump rooms, dressing and locker rooms, toilets, showers, and other areas and enclosures that are intended for the use of persons using the pool.
   (B)   Whenever the Health Officer determines that there are reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a violation of any provision of this chapter, he or she shall give notice to such alleged violation the person or persons responsible therefor, and to any known agent of such person, as hereinafter provided. Such notice shall:
      (1)   Be in written form;
      (2)   Include a statement of reasons why it is being issued;
      (3)   Allow a reasonable time for the performance of any, act it requires;
      (4)   Be served upon the owner or his or her agent, or the occupant, as the case may require, provided that such notice shall be deemed to be properly served upon such owner or agent, or upon him or her personally, or if a copy thereof is sent by certified mail to his or her last known address or if a copy thereof is posted in a conspicuous place in or about the facility affected by notice, or if he or she is served with such notice by any other method authorized or required under the laws of this state. Such notice must contain an outline of remedial action, which, if taken, will effect compliance with the provisions of this chapter.
(`88 Code § 6-194)  (Ord. 94-16, passed 8-15-94; Am. Ord. 15, passed 8-5-08)  Penalty, see § 92.99