(A)   A public pool and all plumbing appurtenances appertaining thereto including drinking fountains, lavatories and showers, shall be provided with a safe, portable water supply which meets the provisions of 327 I.A.C. 8-2. If plumbing appurtenances are present in or near a pool enclosure, they must be in complete working order and up to all applicable codes.
   (B)   If a handwashing sink has a self-closing, slow-closing, or metering faucet, it shall provide a flow for at least 15 seconds without the need to reactivate the faucet.
   (C)   All portions of the water system serving public pools and their ancillary facilities shall be protected against backflow and back siphonage. Water introduced into the public pool, either directly or through their recirculation system, shall be supplied through an air gap or by other methods acceptable to the State Building Commissioner in accordance with 675 I.A.C. 16 Plumbing Code.
(`88 Code, § 6-178)  (Ord. 94-16, passed 8-15-94; Am. Ord. 15, passed 8-5-08)  Penalty, see § 92.99