§ 92.15  PLAN REVIEW.
   (A)   Prior to the construction, rehabilitation, or alteration of any pool in LaPorte County, a plan review of the plans and specification sheets with the approval of the State of Indiana Department of Homeland Security Plan Release Division shall be submitted to the Health Officer for plan review. For new construction, the plans and specifications shall indicate the proposed layout, arrangement, mechanical plans, construction materials of work areas, and the type and model of proposed fixed and non-fixed equipment and facilities. Plans shall also include, but not limited to, pool area, and volume, pool inlets and outlets, waterline, enclosure for pool area, turnover rate, filtration and circulating system, bather load, shape and depth of pool, deck design, ladders, steps, diving equipment, drainage systems, including backwash water, electrical system and total dynamic head. In addition, plans shall include applicable lot dimensions and property lines, applicable existing or proposed water wells, all applicable subsurface drains and outlets, utilities, pipelines, and the like.
   (B)   Failure to submit the appropriate plans prior to the beginning of construction, rehabilitation, or alteration may result in penalties as provided in § 92.99.
   (C)   All plans shall be prepared by a person licensed to practice engineering or architecture.
(Ord. 15, passed 8-5-08)  Penalty, see § 92.99