(A)   This section applies only to county employees activated for military duty for more than 30 consecutive days as a result of their current National Guard or reserve status. An employee who enlists, at least for extended military training as a result of such military enlistment, shall not qualify under this section for the benefits provided.
   (B)   For such employee to be considered for any benefits specified herein, the employee must provide to the LaPorte County Human Resource Director, the following information:
      (1)   Activation orders specifying the dates of active duty and duration of active duty.
      (2)   A military leave and earning statement showing base monthly military pay during the period of activation.
   (C)   LaPorte County will pay the difference of the employee’s base salary and base military pay if the base military pay is less than the employee’s base county salary. If the base military salary is greater than or equal to the employee’s base county salary, then no payment will be made. If the employee is promoted during the period of activation which results in the increase of military base pay, the employee must provide the new military leave earning statement to the Human Resource Director for recalculation of any benefits.
   (D)   BASE MILITARY PAY shall mean the basic amount of pay for the employee’s military pay grade which also includes the years of service.
   (E)   LaPorte County will pay the first 30 days of activation of the employee’s insurance to include the employee’s share of insurance premiums. After such period, the employee and their family will be covered by the military insurance program. Upon release from active duty, LaPorte County will pay the first 30 days of the employee’s insurance premium; however after such time the employee will then be required to pay their share of such insurance premium based on the employee’s return to work status.
   (F)   The employee may elect to continue with the payment of county insurance; however, the employee will be required to pay the full premium during the period of activation.
   (G)   It shall be the employee’s responsibility to keep the Human Resource Director advised of the employee’s military status to include promotions and pay increases as well as active duty discharge dates.
   (H)   Any county employee currently on active duty may submit the necessary documents to begin benefits effective as of the effective date of Ord. 2008-09; however, there shall be no other retroactive application.
   (I)   Any county employee currently being paid any benefits not in compliance with this section, such benefits shall be revised to comply with this section.
   (J)   The benefits provided herein are in addition to any benefit already provided by federal or state law.
(Ord. 2008-04, passed 3-4-08; Am. Ord. 2008-07, passed 6-3-08; Am. Ord. 2008-09, passed 6-17-08)