(A)   Laporte County may use design build concepts as provided by I.C. 5-30 for a public project.
   (B)   A Technical Review Committee is hereby established.  Its membership shall consist of three members made up as follows:
      (1)   One member of the Board of Commissioners as selected by the Board of Commissioners.
      (2)   Two additional members as selected by the Board of Commissioners from:
         (a)   An architect registered under I.C. 25-31;
         (b)   A professional engineer registered under I.C. 25-3;
         (c)   A qualified contractor registered under I.C. 4-13-6.
   (C)   The Technical Review Committee does not have to be a standing committee but may be organized for each individual public project however the case may be.
   (D)   The Technical Review Committee shall follow all the procedures prescribed by I.C. 5-30 as amended concerning use of, implementation of and determination of qualified contractors regarding the design build concept in the developing bids for use under the design build concept.
(Res. 2006-10, passed 6- -06)