No organized group shall use any village park facility for an organized purpose, including, but not limited to, a picnic, a party, or a theatrical performance, unless such group shall first have obtained a permit therefor from the village and paid the fee established therefor from time to time by the board of trustees.
   A.   Application for such permit shall be made to the village park and recreation director at least thirty (30) days prior to any such organized group use, providing such information as may be requested by the village.
   B.   The issuance of any permit hereunder to allow the use of a village park facility shall remain subject to the termination of such permit, up to and including the day of use, if in the sole discretion of the chief of police of the village, or his or her designee, it is in the best interests of the village to further regulate, to designate or limit the area being used, or to terminate the permit and revoke the permission of the organized group to use the village park facility for their specified purpose.
   C.   The hours of use for such permit shall be as provided (or approved) hereinabove at section 7-3-1 of this chapter.
   D.   An additional fee may apply to a request for a permit by an organized group to use a village park facility if such request exceeds a certain number of participants or involves extended hours of use.
   E.   The possession or service of any alcoholic beverages as part of any organized group activity authorized by permit in Breezewald or Paulus Park is strictly prohibited unless such group first qualifies for and has been issued a liquor license by the local liquor commissioner, after proper application for and approval of such a request under the liquor control requirements set forth in this code.
   F.   No consumption or possession of alcohol is allowed in the water, on the beach or in the children's play or playlot areas. (Ord. 2013-09-909, 9-3-2013)