145.02  DUTIES.
   The duties of the Keep Lakewood Beautiful Board shall be:
   (a)   To promote civic involvement in the general improvement of the environment of the City;
   (b)   To enhance the beauty of Lakewood through green space activity;
   (c)   To promote litter awareness and prevention;
   (d)   To promote recycling;
   (e)   To encourage individual education and investment in the overall enviromnent of the City;
   (f)   To advise and recommend plans to other agencies of the City for the beautification of the City; and
   (g)   To submit an annual report of activities to Council within a manner to be determined by the Board.
   Nothing contained herein, however, shall be construed to abridge or change the powers and duties of other commissions, departments, boards and like agencies of the City; and provided further that any project or undertaking begun by the Board shall be terminated at any time upon the decision of either the Mayor or Council that the continuance thereof is not in the public interest.  (Ord. 12-15.  Passed 4-20-2015.)