Administration and Enforcement
   EDITOR'S NOTE: The City of Lakewood, Division of Public Health, operates under the provisions of the Ohio Sanitary Code, adopted May 14, 1920, by the Public Health Council of the State Department of Health, as amended, in addition to the Sanitary Code herein contained. The Ohio Sanitary Code establishes minimum standards. In no case, therefore, are the standards herein contained lower than those of the Ohio Sanitary Code. They may, however, be higher. Persons who are or may be affected by the Code herein contained are advised to consult the Ohio Sanitary Code, particularly in those areas where the Code herein contained is silent. Copies of the Ohio Sanitary Code are available for  inspection at the Division of Public Health, Lakewood Municipal Building. In addition, copies are available for distribution from the Ohio Department of Health.
1701.01   Sanitary Code identified.
1701.02   Enforcement.
1701.03   Notice requirements.
1701.04   (Reserved).
1701.05   Powers of Health Officers.  (Repealed)
1701.055   Special police officers.
1701.06   Separability.
1701.07   Compliance required.
1701.99   Penalty.
Resisting or abusing an official - see GEN. OFF. 525.07, 525.09
Lakewood Hospital - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 907