1501.13  AMENDMENTS.
   The Ohio Fire Code (OFC) as adopted herein is hereby amended and changed in the following respects:
   OFC F-201.0 Applied Meanings of Words and Terms (Amended).
   "Approved" when applied to materials, types of construction, appliances, procedures, transportation or occupancy means approved by the Lakewood Fire Department as a result of investigations and tests conducted by it, or by reason of accepted principles or tests made by the National Fire Protection Association, The Building Officials and Code Administrators International, Inc., the Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., The Factory Mutual System, The National Fire Codes, Volumes 1-16, 1979 Edition or the United States Bureau of Standards.
   "Fire Official" means the Fire Chief of the City of Lakewood or his authorized representatives. (Ord. 87-79. Passed 12-17-1979.)