The Building Official may deny any applicant a permit who has outstanding violations that have not been corrected as of the date an additional permit is requested, or if past performance indicates a pattern of noncompliance with an applicable building ordinance. In the event the application for a permit is denied, the applicant shall be notified of such refusal in writing, and such notice shall be sent by certified mail to the applicant at the address of the applicant, as set forth in the application for a permit. The applicant shall have ten days after receipt of such notice within which to appeal the refusal. Such appeal shall be perfected by filing a written notice of appeal with the Director of Public Safety. Thereupon the applicant shall have not less than ten days notice of the date and place of the hearing. The appeal shall be heard by the Board of Building and Zoning Code Appeals or by the Board of Building Standards if such is existing at the time of the refusal by the Building Official. The Board shall have the power after such hearing to confirm the refusal or order the permit to be issued.
(Ord. 76-06.  Passed 12-18-2006.)