Property Maintenance and Safety Code
1306.01   Title.
1306.02   Purpose.
1306.03   General Scope.
1306.04   Application.
1306.05   Conflict with other ordinances.
1306.06   Severability.
1306.07   Definitions.
1306.08   Buildings converted into dwellings.
1306.09   Compliance required.
1306.10   Basic sanitary facilities.
1306.11   Light and ventilation for kitchens, bathrooms and water closet compartments.
1306.12   Communal kitchens.
1306.13   Connection of sanitation fixtures.
1306.14   Habitable floor area defined.
1306.15   Habitable floor area standards.
1306.16   Habitation of basement space.
1306.17   Lighting and ventilation requirements.
1306.18   Heating equipment.
1306.19   Heating of occupied premises.
1306.20   Flue connections required.
1306.21   Prohibited locations of heating equipment.
1306.22   Electrical facilities.
1306.23   Lighting of public halls and stairways.
1306.24   Means of egress.
1306.25   Screens.
1306.26   Rubbish storage and disposal facilities.
1306.27   Garbage disposal facilities.
1306.28   Water heating facilities.
1306.29   Safety and sanitation.
1306.30   Maintenance of exteriors of dwellings and occupiable structures.
1306.31   Exterior property areas.
1306.311   Outdoor lighting.
1306.32   Maintenance responsibilities.
1306.33   Janitor, custodian or agent.
1306.34   Responsibility for pest extermination.
1306.35   Applicability to rooming houses, rooming units,  motels and hotels.
1306.36   Regulations.
1306.37   Cooking devices in rooming units.
1306.38   Required plumbing fixtures for rooming houses.
1306.39   Rooming unit egress.
1306.40   Sanitary maintenance of rooming houses.
1306.41   Reporting communicable disease.
1306.42   Maintenance of register.
1306.43   Housing and vacant property license.
1306.44   License application form and fee.
1306.441   Nuisance structure monitoring fee.
1306.45   Issuance of license.
1306.46   Contents of license.
1306.47   License expiration.
1306.48   Voiding license.
1306.49   Inspection.
1306.491   Non-compliance.
1306.50   Right of entry; warrants.
1306.51   Responsibility for compliance.
1306.52   Repair of Code violations.
1306.521   Public nuisance buildings and structures; repair or demolition thereof.
1306.522   Declaration of public nuisance; repair or demolition of unsafe structures and exterior property nuisances; violations and remedial notices; appeals process cost recovery.
1306.53   Furnishing certificate to purchaser of multiple dwellings/certificate to purchaser of one or more rental units.
1306.54   Duties of escrow agent.
1306.55   Separations between dwelling units and fire protection of habitable rooms.
1306.56   Maintenance of construction and building sites.
1306.57   Grading or filling.
1306.58   Drainage.
1306.59   Flammable liquids and gases.
1306.60   Exterior electric and fuel burning cooking devices.
1306.61   Stop orders.
1306.62   Permits required.
1306.63   Electrical, plumbing, heating and other equipment.
1306.64   When not required.
1306.65   Application.
1306.66   Action on application.
1306.67   Expiration of permit.
1306.68   For failure to secure permit.
1306.69   For misrepresentation.
1306.70   Relief from personal responsibility.
1306.71   Duties of the Building Official.
1306.72   Vacant and abandoned buildings.
1306.73   Maintenance of interior structure.
1306.74   Emergency authority; imminent danger.
1306.99   For failure to comply with a notice or neglect of maintenance.
Littering and refuse accumulations - see GEN. OFF. 521.08
Regional Dwelling House Code - see BLDG. Ch. 1301
Entering adjoining property for maintenance and repairs - see BLDG. Ch. 1311