565.01   Definitions.
565.02   Authority of Director of Public Works.
565.03   Permit required.
565.04   Placing harmful substances near trees.
565.05   Placing stone or concrete near trees.
565.06   Care of trees during building operations.
565.07   Moving of trees.
565.08   Trimming of trees on public property.
565.09   Trimming of trees on private property.
565.10   Prohibited trees.
565.11   Preservation and removal of trees on public property.
565.12   Enforcement; interference.
565.13   Dutch elm disease and elm blight; declaration of purpose.
565.14   Preservation and removal of trees and shrubs on private property.
565.15   Inspection; destruction of  diseased trees; costs.
565.16   Licensing of tree surgeons; insurance; fee (Repealed)
565.17   Gift-A-Tree Program.
565.99   Penalty.
Parking on tree lawn - see TRAF. 351.02
Injury or removal of vegetation - see GEN. OFF. 541.06
Weeds - see SAN. Ch. 1775