Theft and Fraud
545.01   Definitions.
545.02   Determining property value in  theft offense.
545.03   Property exceptions as felony offense.
545.04   Detention of shoplifters; rights of museums and libraries.
545.05   Petty theft.
545.06   Unauthorized use of a vehicle; vehicle trespass.
545.07   Insurance fraud.
545.08   Unauthorized use of property.
545.09   Passing bad checks.
545.095   Forging or selling forged identification cards.
545.10   Misuse of credit cards.
545.105   Recording credit card, telephone or social security numbers.
545.11   Making or using slugs.
545.12   Tampering with coin machines.
545.13   Defrauding a livery or hostelry.
545.14   Tampering with records.
545.15   Securing writings by deception.
545.16   Personating an officer.
545.17   Defrauding creditors.
545.18   Receiving stolen property.
545.19   Tampering with and theft of utilities.
545.20   Criminal simulation.
545.21   Taking the identity of another.
545.99   Penalty.
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   Property defined - see GEN. OFF. 501.01(j)
   Cheating- see GEN. OFF. 517.05
   Falsification - see GEN. OFF. 525.02
   Impersonating a public servant - see GEN. OFF. 525.03