Designation of Nuisance, Dangerous and Vicious Animals
506.01   Definitions.
506.02   Nuisance, dangerous and vicious dog classification and hearing.
506.03   Control of nuisance, dangerous and vicious dogs.
506.04   Potential nuisance dog classification and hearing.
506.05   Control of potential nuisance dogs.
506.06   Declassification of dogs.
506.07   Dogs classified by another jurisdiction.
506.08   Objection hearings.
506.09   Dangerous and vicious dog ownership restrictions.
506.10   Exemptions.
506.98   Strict liability.
Owner or keeper liable for damages - see Ohio R.C. 951.10
Dog registration - see Ohio R.C. 955.01
Dangerous and vicious dogs - see Ohio R.C. 955.11(A), 955.22(E), 955.99(F) to (H)
Animals generally - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 505
Animal Warden as special police officer - see SAN. 1701.055