Bicycles and Motorcycles
373.01   Code application to bicycles and mobility devices.
373.02   Riding upon seats; handle bars; helmets and glasses.
373.03   Attaching bicycle, mobility device, or sled to vehicle.
373.04   Riding bicycles, mobility devices, and motorcycles abreast.
373.05   Signal device on bicycle.
373.06   Lights and reflector on bicycle or mobility device; brakes.
373.07   Riding bicycle or mobility device on right side of roadway; obedience to traffic rules; passing.
373.08   Reckless operation; control, course and speed.
373.09   Compliance with traffic signal control devices required.
373.10   Riding on sidewalk.
373.11   Emerging from alley or driveway.
373.12   Parking.
373.13   Impounding.
373.14   Motorized bicycle operation, equipment and license.
373.15   Parent’s responsibility.
373.16   License required.
373.17   License application.
373.18   Issuance of license.
373.19   Disposition of fees. (Repealed)
373.20   Attachment of license plates or decals.
373.21   Licensing stations authorized.
373.22   Replacement of license plate or decal.
373.23   Transferability of ownership.
373.24   Rental agencies.
373.25   Parking of bicycle. (Repealed)
373.26   Paths exclusively for bicycles or mobility devices.
See sectional history for similar State law
Bicycle defined - see TRAF. 301.04
Motorcycle defined - see TRAF. 301.19
Bicycles prohibited on freeway - see TRAF. 303.06
Motorcycle headlight - see TRAF. 337.03
Motorcycle brakes - see TRAF. 337.18(b)