(a)   The Director of Public Safety may, on application made by the owner or occupant of any building, issue a permit to such owner or occupant to mark with white paint a portion of the curb not exceeding twenty feet in length in front of such building at which portion of such curb no vehicle shall stop, except while discharging passengers or merchandise at stated hours set forth in the permit. The permit issued in such cases shall designate the portion of the curb to be marked and the time of day during which vehicles may not stop as provided for herein.
   (b)   The person to whom such permit is issued shall be required to display a sign erected on a stanchion set at the curb setting forth the hours during which vehicles may not stop as provided herein. The stanchion shall carry in words and figures the following: "Permit Number                    ", and in the blank space shall be inserted the number of the permit. The permit hereby authorized may be revoked at any time by the Director of Public Safety.
(Ord. 37-10.  Passed 7-19-2010.)