A.   Prohibited Sales: No person shall sell, offer for sale, give away, furnish, or otherwise deliver any tobacco, tobacco product, or tobacco related device including electronic delivery devices and e-cigarettes:
      1.   To any underage person.
      2.   By means of any type of vending machine.
      3.   By means of self-service merchandising or any means whereby the customer may have access to such items without having to request the item from the license holder, their agents or employees. All tobacco products including electronic delivery devices and e-cigarettes shall be stored behind a counter or other area not freely accessible to customers.
      4.   By any other means, or to any other person, prohibited by federal, state, or other local law, ordinance provision, or other regulation.
   B.   Exception: A license holder who operates an establishment that sells only tobacco products is exempt from the self-service merchandising provision if the license holder prohibits any underage person from entering the establishment, unless accompanied by a parent, and the license holder conspicuously displays a notice prohibiting underage persons from entering the establishment unless accompanied by a parent.
   C.   Lounges Prohibited: Smoking lounges and vapor lounges are prohibited.
(Ord. 944, 7-6-2015; amd. Ord. 1025, 3-2-2020)