A.   The chief shall be responsible to the city council, under the direction of the city administrator, for general policy making and administrative control, preparing a preliminary department budget, directing, planning, and coordinating all activities of the fire department including, but not limited to, fire protection and emergency response; fire prevention and safety educational services; training and safety of personnel; fire station facilities, vehicles, and equipment assigned to the department. The chief shall submit monthly and annual reports to the city council concerning the activities of the department. Specific duties of the fire chief shall be prescribed in a job description prepared by the city's human resources manager in consultation with the city administrator.
   B.   To promote both the efficiency and effectiveness of department operations, the chief shall have the authority to issue operating procedures as deemed necessary.
   C.   The chief shall keep in convenient form a complete record of all fires. Such report shall include the time of the alarm, location of the fire, cause of fire (if known), type of building, name of owner and tenant, purpose for which occupied, value of building and contents, members of the department responding to the alarm, and such other information as he may deem advisable or as may be required by the city council or state fire marshal. (Ord. 887, 2-21-2012)