A.   State Law Provisions Adopted 1 : For purposes of this chapter, Minnesota statutes chapters 168, 169, 170 and 171 are hereby adopted by reference and shall be included as part of this chapter insofar as they apply to motor vehicles in any city park using roads or trails therein where such roads or trails are not part of: 1) the county highway system, 2) the county state aid highway system, or 3) a local road system. Wherever the terms "public highway" or "highway" occur in the above referenced chapters, they shall be construed to mean roads or trails within city parks upon which use of motor vehicles is authorized. (Ord. 60, sec. 4, 9-5-1972; amd. 1980 Code)
   B.   Speed Limits: The lawful speed limit for any vehicle described in section 7-1-1 of this chapter, when traveling upon any city park roadway, trail or other designated area designated for such purpose, shall be as determined and posted by the city, provided such speed limit and posting has been approved and authorized by action of the city council. The provisions of this section shall apply only to those roadways, trails or other areas within city parks and designated for vehicular travel which are not part of: 1) the county highway system, 2) the county state aid highway system, or 3) the local road system. (Ord. 60, sec. 6, 9-5-1972; amd. 1980 Code)
   C.   Compliance Required: It shall be unlawful for any self- propelled vehicle except those maintenance vehicles authorized by the city and emergency vehicles, including, but not limited to, motor vehicles as defined in Minnesota statutes, chapter 169, other self-propelled vehicles, motorcycles and snowmobiles, to travel within the city parks, except on established roadways, trails or other areas designated for such purpose within said parks. (Ord. 60, sec. 3, 9-5-1972)
   D.   Parking Restrictions: The city council may designate parking areas and may restrict the length of time parking shall be permitted at any place within city parks. City community service officers may issue citations for violations. Community service officers are authorized and empowered to have removed any vehicle from any park in violation of this section and to have such vehicle placed in storage. (Ord. 952, 1-4-2016)
   E.   Designated Parking Areas: All motor vehicles shall be parked in designated parking areas or other areas approved by the park department. (Ord. 324, sec. 1, 7-6-1987)



1. Adoption of state law provisions by reference, pursuant to MSA 471.62.