Animals kept within the City shall be subject to the following requirements:
   A.   The size, number, species, facilities for and location of animals kept shall be maintained so as not to constitute a danger or nuisance by means of odor, noise or otherwise.
   B.   The person caring for any animal(s) shall be of sufficient age, knowledge and experience to adequately and safely care for and control the animal(s).
   C.   Facilities for housing animal(s) shall be:
      1.   Constructed of such material as is appropriate for the animal(s) involved.
      2.   Maintained in good repair.
      3.   Controlled as to temperature, ventilated and lighted compatible with the health and comfort of the animal(s).
      4.   Of sufficient size to allow each animal to make normal postural and social adjustments with adequate freedom of movement. Inadequate space may be indicated by evidence of malnutrition, poor condition of debility, stress or abnormal behavior patterns.
      5.   Cleaned as often as necessary to prevent contamination of the animal(s) contained therein and to minimize disease hazards and reduce odors.
   D.   Animals shall be provided wholesome, palatable food and water free from contamination and of sufficient quantity and nutritive value to maintain all animals in good health.
   E.   Animals kept in pet shops or in kennels shall be kept in accordance with regulations for pet shops and kennels in addition to the regulation provided by the Lakeville Zoning Ordinance 1 . (Ord. 675, sec. 2, 7-17-2000)



1. See title 11 of this Code.