5-1-16: DOG HOUSES:
   A.   In General: An owner of a dog which is kept outdoors or in an unheated enclosure shall provide the dog with shelter and bedding as prescribed in this section as a minimum.
   B.   Building Specifications: The shelter shall include a moistureproof and windproof structure of suitable size to accommodate the dog and allow retention of body heat. It shall be made of durable materials with a solid floor raised at least two inches (2") from the ground and with the entrance covered by a flexible windproof material or a self-closing swinging door. The structure shall be provided with a sufficient quantity of suitable bedding materials consisting of hay, straw, cedar shavings, blankets or the equivalent, to provide insulation and protection against cold and dampness and promote retention of body heat.
   C.   Shade: Shade from the direct rays of the sun, during the months of June to September shall be provided.
   D.   Farm Dogs: In lieu of the requirements of subsections B and C of this section, a dog kept on a farm may be provided with access to a barn with a sufficient quantity of loose hay or bedding to protect against cold and dampness. (Ord. 406, sec. 7, 3-19-1990)