The functions, powers and duties of the Planning Commission shall be, in general:
   A.   To acquire and maintain in current form such basic information and historical data as is necessary to an understanding of past trends, present economic and social forces at work to cause changes in these conditions.
   B.   The planning commission shall serve as the planning agency for the city of Lakeville for the purposes of Minnesota statutes 462.351 to 462.365, except that the planning department shall service this function pertaining only to the sale and disposition of property in accordance with Minnesota statute 462.356, subd. 2.
   C.   Comprehensive Plan and Developments: 3
      1.   To prepare and keep current a comprehensive general plan for meeting present requirements and such future needs as may be foreseen, based on demographic and statistical trends and data available.
      2.   To establish principles and policies for guiding action affecting development in the City and its environs.
      3.   To prepare and recommend to the City Council ordinances, regulations and other proposals promoting orderly and economically sound development along lines indicated as desirable by the comprehensive plan.
      4.   To determine whether specific proposed developments conform to the principles and requirements for the comprehensive plan and the ordinances.
   D.   To keep the City Council and the general public informed and advised as to all planning and development matters.
   E.   Public Hearings:
      1.   To conduct such public hearings as may be required to gather information necessary for the drafting, establishment and maintenance of the comprehensive plan and ordinances and regulations related to it.
      2.   All public hearings required by the City's zoning ordinance shall be conducted by the Planning Commission.
      3.   Public hearings on the vacation of streets and alleys may be conducted by the Planning Commission.
   F.   The Commission may establish subcommittees from their membership to study and recommend to the full Commission on the comprehensive plan, fiscal planning and ordinances.
   G.   To perform other duties which may be lawfully assigned to it, or which may have bearing on the preparation or accomplishment of the plan.
   H.   In connection with its duties, and within the limit of its funds as provided by the City Council upon request, the Planning Commission may make, cause to be made, or obtain maps, aerial photographs and surveys, and special studies on the location, condition and adequacy of specific facilities of the City and, as appropriate, its environs, including, but not limited to, studies on housing, commercial and industrial facilities; economic development; parks; playgrounds and other recreational facilities; schools; public and private utilities; and traffic, transportation and parking, and employment.
   I.   No change shall be made in the zoning plan, future street and public land plan or regulations governing the platting of land, until the proposed change has been referred to the Planning Commission for a report thereon and an attested copy of such report has been filed with the City Council, and no ordinance or resolution establishing any such plans or specifications shall be adopted by the City Council until such ordinance or resolution has been referred to the Planning Commission for a report thereon, and an attested copy of such report has been filed with the City Council. Failure of the Planning Commission so to report within sixty (60) days or such longer period as may be designated by the City Council after such reference shall be deemed to be approval of the proposed change.
   J.   As part of its duties, the Planning Commission shall prepare a list of public works which it believes are necessary and desirable to be constructed when specifically requested to do so by the City Council. Such list shall be arranged in order of preference with recommendations as to which projects shall be constructed with the City general funds, and which with road and bridge funds, and such other methods of financing as it deems advisable.
   K.   It shall be the responsibility of the Planning Commission to pass upon all proposed new or amended plats coming directly or indirectly under the jurisdiction of the City. The Planning Commission shall make a recommendation to the City Council whether or not the proposed new or amended plat should be approved. 1 (Ord. 90, sec. 5, 2-17-76; amd. 1980 Code; amd. Ord. 1047, 6-7-2021)



3. For regulations governing subdivisions and the development of land within the City, see Title 10 of this City Code. For the City's zoning ordinance, see Title 11 hereof.
1. For subdivision regulations, see Title 10.